Saturday, 26 April 2014


Instagram is my favourite social network. I've been using it for more than a year now.
Searching the username mamad_m and the hashtag #runninginlate20s should take you through my photos.

So let's keep in touch and inspire one another.

Unbreakable: The Western States 100

Just watched this film last night. A documentary of 2010 Western States when four of the greatest runners compete with each other to win the one of the most prestigious ultra races in the world. It also features Gordy Ainseligh who was the first human to run the western states course - which was a 100-mile horse race - in just under 24 hours in 1974.

Highly recommended for everyone interested in ultra trail running.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Yet another injury, missing one race and planning another

Since I started running, I have been injured a couple of times a year. It was about six weeks ago that I twisted my left ankle. For a couple of weeks before then I couldn't run quite often due to the air pollution in Tehran. And I decided to sneak a couple of long runs while I was away in mid February. We were in Qeshm Island - the largest island in the Persian Gulf - and it was a great day for running. I started running at 6am and after almost 200 metres my left ankle twisted. I stopped, walked for a few seconds and started running again. I knew that it might get worse after this run, but I couldn't help running. after a few minutes the pain faded away. I ran 14 km and when I finished my run the pain came back. It wasn't the worst ankle sprain I had, but it took me longest to recover. I am just about to recover now, but I missed so many training sessions that I decided - only 12 days before the race - not to run the Iznik Ultramarathon. 

My next race will be Eiger Ultra Trail in July. That is going to be the hardest race I have ever run. I am not in the best shape now and need to train really hard for this monster (101 km and 6700 meters of elevation gain) I will start my training in a few days and might attend a shorter ultra before then to earn enough qualifying points for UTMB 2015.