Friday, 29 March 2013

No more weekly training reports. Time for some changes!

Well, I am still training and pretty much on target. I did miss a few workouts since I started my training plan, but I am pretty much ready for my next marathon.

Sticking to a routine is boring. Writing training plans is no exception. I believe you are not here to check how far I've run last week. You might be here seeking motivation or you are just wondering if I still run.

After publishing almost 100 posts (well, this is the 98th) this blog has been viewed many times. But I have hardly received any comments from you guys. What I'd like to know is if you check this page regularly. Do you find it inspirational at all? Has it ever encouraged you to go for a run? Have you got any favourite post? Is there anything else you want me to write about?

I am going to write and answer some FAQ's and NAQ's (Never Asked Questions). So do leave a comment or drop me a line. I'm going to answer them all.


  1. thanks for your blog! i do check in from time to time (often directed here when i scan, and appreciate your training reports as they usually coincide with my training schedule. all the best in paris!

  2. Thanks Patrick! I also found your blog. Will have a close look at it. Now I'm packing for Paris.