Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Feeling adventurous! A few races I'd love to run

"I don't know where the limit is, but I know where it's not." Josef Ajram

Quite often I've been asked about my next running adventure. If there is any particular race that I consider as my ultimate goal. Or what PR I expect myself to reach?

Since I started running, I've never gone for a run that I regret. I've pushed myself to the limit - and probably beyond - Embraced the pain and enjoyed every bit of training to achieve my goals. I don't know how far or how long I'll be able to push myself. I do not have an ultimate goal for my running either. But I know I would go for a new challenge whenever I got the chance.

Here are - in no particular order - a few races that I'd love to run. Click on the race title to reach the official website

Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon, Nepal

Starts from the Everest base camp at 5364m to Nameche Bazaar at 3446m. It is the highest trail running event in the world. Prior to the race you'd spend a couple of weeks hiking few hours a day to acclimatize and get ready for the race.

Marathon des Sables, Morroco

Known as one of the toughest footraces on earth, MdS is a six-day running event covering more than 150 miles while carrying all your stuff under the desert sun. You can now pre-register for 2015.

The Coastal Challenge, Costa Rica

Six-day race along Costa Rica's tropical Pacific coastline and a coastal mountain range covering the total distance of 250km.

The Polar Circle Marathon, Greenland

Polar Circle Marathon aka "the coolest marathon on earth" is an annual marathon in Greenland. Along the course you pass glacier tongues, moraine landscapes and soundless, arctic desert. And the temperature in November is usually around -10 Degree Celsius.

So which one do you find more adventurous? Have you ever run any of these? Is there any other race that you can suggest?

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