Monday, 11 June 2012

Running is tough and it looks even harder

Haruki Murakami's What I talk about when I talk about running was the first book I read on running. It did inspire me and made me motivated. Ironically he says:

" ... I've never recommended running to others. I’ve tried my best never to say something like, Running is great. Everybody should try it. If some people have an interest in long-distance running, just leave them be, and they’ll start running on their own. If they’re not interested in it, no amount of persuasion will
make any difference... Forcing people who have no desire to run, or who are not physically fit enough, is a kind of pointless torture."

I cannot agree with above sentences. And I believe he does not mean it. He just doesn't want you feel you are under pressure.  How can you write a book about running and not recommend running? And how would anyone try running if there is no encouragement?

Running is tough and it looks even harder. Hardly anyone gets motivated by looking at you running. There  must be an encouragement, a kind of motivation and  a reason to start. After that one cannot give up running. There is something behind all those pains and struggles and that is yet to be experience with any individual runner.

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