Friday, 19 October 2012

Less is more!

You often find similarities between your job and your passion. There should be something in common that suits you. Architecture and running are not exceptional. They are both challenging and require dedication and commitment.  
While Frankfurt marathon is getting closer. I actually got the same feeling as approaching a deadline in architectural design process. In architecture, you do most of the work in the last few days before a deadline. On running you cannot afford to do that. You need to taper before your marathon, meaning whether or not your training has gone well up to this point, there is not too much you can do about it a week before a marathon. When it comes to tapering "less is more"

On the other hand when you are used to running and training, tapering is not what you are looking forward to. Although you are excited about your coming marathon, you might feel sluggish and find the whole taper thing boring. That's when "Less is a bore"

PS. "Less is More" and "Less is a bore" are art and architectural mottoes from modern and post-modern eras. As an architect I rather agree with the first motto. 

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