Friday, 26 October 2012

Frankfurt, before the marathon

1. I arrived in Frankfurt this afternoon. Woke up at 4 to catch a bus and an "express" train to get to Stockholm Airport in time for my early morning flight to Frankfurt. The "express" train stalled in the middle of the way and it took about 50 minutes for another train to arrive and pick us up. I missed my flight and had to take another ticket to get to here.

2. Had a taper run on Wednesday  morning in Stockholm. It was freezing cold and windy and I found a nice path along the river. During this forty-minute run at half past six in the morning I spotted more runners than I would see in a month in Tehran. I had the same impression in Oslo and Copenhagen. Can we consider Scandinavians as running nations?

3. My ankle still hurts. It was all right for two or three days, but it got worse this afternoon after carying my stuff from one train  to another and to every single terminal in the airport. I was feeling quite down before arriving in Frankfurt. Visiting the marathon expo helped a lot though. I always enjoy the expo atmosphere with all the runners hanging around,  reduced price running gear, and pre-marathon food.

4. My ankle might cause me trouble this Sunday. The weather is not going to be so pleasing either. But I will run with all the power I have left. And as far as it doesnt cause a long-term harm I will not stop.

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