Sunday, 13 October 2013

FAQs part 1

Here are a few questions I've been asked frequently.

How long is a marathon?
Marathon is always 42.195 km long. In imperial units it is equal to 26.2 miles. Wherever you see the term Marathon, it refers to this distance. However, some Ultramarathon events might use "Marathon" in their title (Like the famous Comrades Marathon)

Do you run all that? Usually asked right after you answer the first question
Yes, pretty much you run all the course.

Can you stop or walk?
Of course you can. Nobody is going to blame you if you walk for a while. Most races though have specific time limit. And you need to cross the finish line before then to be recognised as an official finisher.

What was your ranking?
This is pretty much the least important figure for a runner. Here I am obviously not talking about elite runners. I mean for the average marathon runners it doesn't matter how many people have crossed the finish line before them. You only compete with yourself.

What do you think about all those hours?
Pretty much everything. Anything from your resolutions, life plans to taking the very next step.

Is it not boring?
To me it's not. Many people may find distance running boring. Some of them have never tried it before.

Why do you run?
There are many reasons behind it. But if I want to give you a single reason that is I run to live my life to the fullest. I run to feel alive.

How did it all started?
I started running when I was absolutely out of shape. I used to run to lose weight. It was not the most enjoyable activity at the beginning, but after a couple of months I got used to it. And now running is simply an essential part of my life.

How often do you run?
Usually 5 to 6 times a week. Sometimes I do doubles (Running in the morning and in the evening) And sometimes take a couple of days off.

How long do you run everyday?
I don't run a fix distance everyday. I usually have one long run (15-30 km) a week. a couple of easy runs (10k ish) and a couple of hill or interval sessions. When I train for a marathon I peak at 70-80 km a week. For ultras it goes up to 100-110 km a week.

What is an ultra?
Any race farther than 42.195 km is called ultra-marathon.

Is there any questions you've been asked frequently about distance running? Is there anything you would like to know that I might be able to answer? Post your questions here and I'll answer them with FAQs Part 2.

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