Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Resolutions, Once again

Last Friday I turned 31. And it is time to think about the resolutions. Last year in early December I posted my resolutions here and I am quite pleased that I achieved them all. This year I will try to be more precise in my goals.

So if I miss any of these by the end of November 2014, Please feel free to question me.

- Running a couple of ultras and get enough qualifying points for UTMB 2015. 
In case you are not familiar with UTMB, Ultra Trail Mont-Blanc is one of the greatest mountain ultras in the world. It's a race every ultra runner would like to run.  To run this race you require qualifying points which you can earn by running a number of ultras. For the main race you need 7 points and for shorter distances (Short is quite relative here as a couple of short races are over 100km!) you need 2 points. I've already got 2 points by finishing the K78 last July. I am planning to run another couple of ultras to get all the qualifying points for 2015. The first one is Iznik Ultra in April and I will probably run the CCC race in August.

- A 3:20 Marathon
After running a few marathons, I can say that I am more into trail running and will run more trail marathons. However I do have a time target for a road marathon.  I'd try to cut 30 minutes from my PR. That's going to be a marathon in 3:20!

- Losing more weight, get leaner and faster
 When I started running, I did so to lose weight. Now I want to lose weight to be a better runner. That's going to be achieved by healthy diet, Strength training, Plyometrics, Speed work and off course running!


  1. Hey Mo,

    Seems we have a simular goal to achieve. Ik am positivly drawn for the CCC en will train towards the race. I'll have a 55 trail Cretes du Spa in March to warm up the muscles and will extend with the Mont Blanc marathon in Chamonix in June and the in August the CCC. Let me know if I could see you there. Would be fun to meet. Have good training and keep up the pace..All the best José Vicente

    1. Hey Jose!
      How are you doing?
      I don't think I will be in France in August this year. I am running the Iznik ultra in April and will be in Switzerland for the Eiger Ultra Trail in July. If I finish these two races I'll be qualified for UTMB in 2015. So I will probably see you there.
      Good luck and keep in toch