Friday, 18 July 2014

Notes before the first 100k

There is only a few hours left to start my first 100k, to challege my body and mind in another level.
Sitting a few meters away from the finish line, eating a plate of pasta and chatting with the other runners.
Everyone's got an inspirational story to tell. All are enjoying what they're doing. Nobody's been forced to put themselves into this kind of torture. Nobody says it'd be easy, but we are all sure that it's gonna worth the pain. We know It's well worth the struggle. 
"The eye of the tiger" is playing and I'm thinking of the time that I was not a runner. I don't know what happened if I never started running. But I am absolutely pleased with what I'm doing now. 
No matter what, I'm going to give it all I've got tomorrow to achieve - once more - what I thought was impossible. 
Staring at the finish line, I know for sure something is gonna change inside me when I cross it. 

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