Sunday, 10 August 2014

Second ultra in a month: Yet another new experience

This Friday I'll be running the Swiss Irontrail T81. 88 km  run with 5000 metres of elevation gain four weeks after the Eiger Ultra Trail.

After the Eiger trail, I spent a few days recovering. I was suffering from shin splints for the first time since I started running. When the pain faded away, I went for a 15k run and the day after my shins were sore again. So I had a couple of weeks of recovery and only went for a couple of easy runs. After a few physiotherapy session, my leg is now pain free and I cannot wait to face the next challenge.

It's not gonna be easy, but I will give all I've got to finish this race and get enough qualifying points for the UTMB 2015.

Stay tuned

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