Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Eiger E101, The Swissalpine K78 and The UTMB

The title says it all, in the following 11 weeks I will run three ultras. The Eiger Ultra Trail E101, the Swissalpine K78 and the UTMB.

My training is going fairly well and I have three more weeks of intense training before tapering for the Eiger. Last year I finished it in 25 hours and 12 minutes and this year I will try to run it under 22 hours. A week after the Eiger I'll be heading to Davos to run the Swissalpine K78 for my second time. These two races will be my longest training sessions for the UTMB. After the K78 I'll have a week of recovery, two weeks of training and 10 days of tapering.

Now I am analysing the UTMB route. Trying to set a time goal for every check point. I'll try to post more frequently and update you about my training. You can also have a look at my movescount profile or instagram page (both links are in About / Contact tab)

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