Saturday, 18 August 2012

Vibram FiveFingers, First run

went for a 5k run in Vibram FiveFingers this evening. The experience is different from any other shoes (well, if you could call them shoes).

Vibram Bikila LS 

I have been working on forefoot strike for a few months. And when you wear a pair of these you have to run with a correct form; Landing close under the body, landing on your forefoot, gently touching the ground and lean slightly forward.But the most enjoyable part of wearing these "shoes" is the feeling you get from touching the ground.  As you run, you receive different signals from surfaces you touch such as rocks, grass and asphalt in the most natural way. 

I am definitely going to wear these guys every now and then to correct my running form and experience the pure joy of barefoot running. 

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