Sunday, 16 September 2012

When failure motivates you. A note on the Great North Run

Great North Run was the first running event I ever watched. It was 2007 when I first saw thousands of people running in the streets and that was long before I gave running a go. At that time running 13.1 miles sounded impossible to me.

When I started running, Great North Run was the first event I wanted to participate. It was in February that I registered and got a confirmed place in 2012 GNR. Then after a few months I found that I am not gonna make it this year due to some travel issues.

And this failure led me to a greater choice. I did register for Swissalpine marathon. Running a marathon was something that I was not even dreaming of. And I did it three months before my first planned half-marathon!

Today 55000 runners competed in GNR and I was not one of them. But what I did instead was running a half-marathon on my own this morning.

Do embrace your failure. It might bring you new opportunities.

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  1. This is such a great post! I like it that you still did your own half a marathon on that day!