Friday, 15 February 2013

A quick update on training

I did put my feet up for the first couple of weeks after Dubai marathon. Didn't run the first week and had a couple of easy runs the week after. That gave me the chance to recover completely and set a training plan.

What I ended up with was a 24-week long training plan made to help myself achieving my ambitious goals for 2013. Running three marathons and my first ultra in less than six months. The plan is made to be adaptive. So by the end of each week I am going to review my progress and alter the next week plan regarding my condition. 

What I like the most about my new training plan is its diversity. It consists of long runs, easy runs, intervals, fartleks and tempo runs along with some plyometrics and strength workout. I have planned quite a few hill sessions and running at high altitudes. 

This is gonna be exciting. Stay tuned guys.

PS. If you are looking for a website to plan your training you might find RunningAhead useful. I have tried a few of those in the past and this one works perfectly for me.

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