Sunday, 26 October 2014

Cappadocia ultra trail, the first DNF

Just a quick note on Cappadocia ultra trail. For the first time ever I had to drop out of a race. That happened at 77th km due to severe pain in shin area and dropping the body tempreature and shivering. DNF ( stands for Did Not Finish) really hurts. There are lessons to be learned and I'm going to write a detailed post on this one. 


  1. hey mamad - i feel your pain on this one. i've been in that place where my blood pressure was dangerously low and my eardrums were doing something altogether alien. i'm sorry to hear about your first DNF - and am confident that you will come back the stronger for it.

    1. Hi Patrick
      Thank you for your comment.
      As I said there are lessons to be learned from this. I should have had a better recovery and more training between those ultras.

  2. Better luck next time ;-)