Sunday, 19 October 2014

Cappadocia Ultratrail in a few days

Heading to Turkey in a few days to run the Cappadocia Ultra Trail on Saturday. A 110-km trail race with 3300 metres of elevation gain. This race is a bit different from my last ultras. It is the longest distance I've ever run, but there is not a massive climb and the elevation gain is significantly less compared to the previous ultras. After the Eiger and the Irontrail, I had a few weeks of almost no training. I started to train for this race in mid August. Had a few long runs and also did a bit of strength training at the gym. I am now tapering and getting ready for the challenge. I might not be in my best shape, but my mind is set. Whatever happens, I'm going to give it my best this Saturday.

Training near Tochal summit, my favourite place. 

The race elevation profile
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Stay tuned

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