Thursday, 17 January 2013

Random notes on running a marathon; Confessions of a not-quite-prepared runner a week before a marathon

  • Running a marathon is all about commitment, dedication, passion and good spirits.
  • No matter how hard you train for a marathon you could always have train harder. 
  • The whole journey of training for a marathon can be as enjoyable as the marathon itself. I am not only talking about the great feeling you get after a workout but also about sacrifices and kicks up the arse.
  • Marathon can be a real torture, especially if you are not completely prepared for that. 
  • Pain is an essential part of this game. So if you feel all right during and after a marathon, you  probably haven't done your best.
  • Mental preparation for the marathon is at least as important as physical training.
  • When you are not completely ready for the event, you can still go for it. But you shouldn't expect it to be easy. You should be prepared to embrace the pain.
  • Endurance is the ability to stay outside your comfort zone. 
  • The moment you cross the finish line all the pains fade away. And they come back a few hours later during your recovery.
  • During a marathon you might think that you will never do this again. But you will find yourself planning your next marathon a few days later.
  • You probably get through some stages that you cannot go on. But you can always take another step forward until you cross the finish line. Mental toughness is a must.
  • Marathon is much more about challenging yourself rather that competing the others.

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