Friday, 11 January 2013

How to keep up with your training plan

Training for a marathon -or any other distances- requires planning. So you sit down, evaluate your current situation and ability, set a goal and write down a training plan to achieve that goal.In an ideal situation you keep up with that plan and never miss a single training session. But how about if you missed many of those sessions? We all have numerous reasons and excuses for missing those workouts, but at the end it doesn't matter so much. The goal is getting ready for your big run.

As you might have known until now I haven't been able to keep with my training very well. I missed days and weeks of training and now I am quite close to the race. What I'd rather do in this kind of situation is not going back to my training and do the exercises I had to do three or four weeks ago, but jumping to this date on my plan and alter it to meet my needs. Yesterday I went for a long run after a few weeks followed by a fairly intense plyometric workout. And I am going for another long run this week. You might consider it too much as I've got only two weeks to Dubai Marathon. But I found if I push my body I usually get better result. So I will leave the tapering for the very last week.

I have to admit that I am not in the best shape now. But I am ready for the challenge. I am ready for a big torture. If it goes as bad as it went in Frankfurt, I will find a way to survive. And if it gets worse than that, well, I will embrace the new experience.

How do you keep up with your training? What would you do if you missed those workouts?

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