Saturday, 12 January 2013

Badwater, another inspiring story

Following my previous post you will find this film inspiring.  Dariusz Strychalski's journey to Badwater ultramarathon.

THE WINNER / ZWYCIĘZCA from SensiMedia on Vimeo.
Short documentary about polish man overcoming his own weaknesses in Death Valley in USA during one of the hardest ultramarathons in the world. The race is 135 miles long and has to be completed in 48 hours. Hilly surfaces and temperatures over 115F make it all the more difficult, however the the crucial fact is that Darek has partially paralyzed body and eyesight disorders. Despite of his impairments Darek takes part in Badwater Ultramarathon together with other healthy people.
What led Darek start in the ultramarathon, what kind of experiences he had and did he complete the 217 km race through the desert you will find out while watching "The Winner".
Cinematography and editing by - Jakub Górajek

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